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Visible Body - Anatomy & Physiology

Red River College has obtained access to "Visible Body - Anatomy & Physiology", a visually stunning, step-by-step introduction to each human body system from Wolters Kluwer.

Visible Body - Desktop Computer

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Visible Body - App Instructions

Currently Red River College Students and Staff have permission to download and use the "For Organizations - 2017 Anatomy & Physiology"  app available on both the Apple Store and Google Play


  1. Download the "For Organizations - 2017 Anatomy & Physiology" app from the app store associated with your device. Please be aware that the app is large, and may take up to 2GB of space on your device:
     Apple Store  |  Google Play
  2. IMPORTANT! After installing the App, make sure you are on-campus and your device (phone or tablet) is connected via a "RRCWireless" WIFI connection.
  3. Open the App. When the App recognizes that your device is connected via Red River College, it will grant you a license to use the app for 150 days. This means you may now use the Visible Body app offline, or away from campus.
  4. To continue to use your app offline, or off-campus, open your Visible Body app on campus at least once every 150 days. Why? Each time you open the app on campus, the system verifies that your device is on a network at an institution with a valid subscription, and extends offline and off-campus access another 150 days.


Anatomy & Physiology 4: Tutorial for iPad/iPhone, Android, PC, and Mac



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