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College Readiness

A package of tools to prepare students for college.


College Readiness: Summer 2020 banner. It reads, "check out our online tools and live supports to help you get ready for RRC"

Welcome to College Readiness

Welcome to RRC’s series of interactive online tools – all designed to help you prepare for college. We want you to do your best.  Whether you're coming to college straight out of high school, transferring from another post-secondary institution, or returning to school after having been away, these tools will help you ensure you’re ready for your first day of class.

Note: The tools are all free of charge. In order to use them you will need an RRC academic email address (e.g. For information on how to access your student email, click here.

Using College Readiness Resources

The series below consists of three different tools. Each addresses a distinct set of skills to help you succeed:

The Study Skills tool button.



Study Skills includes a self-assessment of your study skills, giving you a clear picture of your individual strengths and challenges, and offers access to instructional modules so you can improve your skills.



The Online Learning Skills tool button.



Online Learning Skills reviews the skills needed to succeed in online learning environments and will help you discover effective strategies to overcome challenges you may encounter in your studies.



The Math Prep tool button.


Math Prep includes a diagnostic assessment of foundational math skills and access to interactive and animated lessons to help you fill individual math skill gaps.




The Live Tutoring button.



Live Tutoring includes weekly online group workshops and drop-in sessions that review all of these skills. Led by experienced RRC tutors.




Feel free to use any or all of the tools. They're here for you!

Use the menu on the left-hand side of the page to navigate between the different tools or select one of the options above. Please don't hesitate to contact us at if you have any questions!