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Small Business Startup Guide

From SWOT analysis to financing, getting a business up and running takes work and careful planning. This guide was created to help you along the way. Each step of the process provides resources of information in the form of books and e-books, videos, webs

Economic Trends and Factors

Household Spending (2012 to date)

In 2010 the Household Spending survey report was redesigned. Essentially the 17 specialized tables of the 1997-2009 series were combined into one table of 312 expenditure items. This table is produced in separate versions to provide expenditure breakdowns by household income, household type, etc.

When you click on a link, only selected data are displayed. Click on the Add/Remove data tab to see checklists of more options.

NOTE: The old CANSIM tables have been replaced by data tables with the same or similar content that has a consistent presentation and that will be dynamically updated as new results are released. You can find a former CANSIM table by using the "Filter results by keyword(s)" option to type the number of the corresponding data table (e.g. 282-0023 and not CANSIM 282-0023). Redirects have also been implemented from former content to the equivalent new content. These links may expire as tables are changed and archived but you can still do a keyword search in Statistics Canada.

Featured Databases

Articles are a great source of current economic and consumer trends.  Consult our Articles/Databases (A-Z) List for specific business databases to search.  

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