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How to Request Materials from the Other Campus: Home

Are you a student at NDC and the book you want is located at EDC? or vice versa? Learn how you can have a book brought to your campus for pickup.


Under Construction

This page is currently being updated. Thank you for your patience.


This page is currently being updated. Thank you for your patience. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the Library. 


Welcome to How to Request Materials from the Other Campus

If you are student or staff member located at one campus and the item (book, DVD, etc.) you need is at the other, you can request that the book be brought to your campus. This can be done in person at the circulation desk OR online anytime.
Follow these easy online steps to get the materials you need to get the job done. 

Don’t forget to check out the related guides for similar topics and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Thanks, and enjoy!

Find the item

1. Search for the item using OneSearch (more about OneSearch)

  • You can only transfer physical items. Use the filters to limit your search to Physical Items in the Library.






  • You can only transfer items in the Library Collection. If your item isn't in our collection you need to do an Inter Library Loan (more about Inter-Library Loans)
  • You must be signed in in order to request items (more about Sign In)

Make the request

2.  Once you have located the book, open the details by clicking on the title of the item.

The details screen will tell you where the item is physically located and if there is a copy available. If the book is signed out, you will be notified once it becomes available. If there is already a request you will be added to a queue and be notified when it's your turn. 



















3.  Click the Request link under the Get It heading

Confirm pickup location

















4. On the Request popup, select the Pickup Location - you can select Notre Dame Campus or the Exchange District Campus location.

If you are at a regional campus please contact the library directly for assistance.

You can also specify a Not Needed After date (optional) - if your item does not become available by this date your request will be automatically canceled. 

5. Click Send Request


Picking up your item

How long will it take? 

Typically transferring an item takes 1-2 business days.

Will you let me know its available? 

Once your item has arrived at its desired location, you will receive an email to your College email account (ex.

Be sure to bring your student card or ID number with you when you go to pick up the book. 

How long can I borrow the item for? 

Normal borrowing periods apply, same as if you borrowed it from its regular location. 

Do I have to return it to its regular location? 

No. you can return it to the campus you picked it up from. We'll send it back for you. 


Request Status

You can view the status of your requests from your online account.  (More about Library Card and your online account)

1. Sign in to Library Card

2. Click on Requests













You can also cancel your request from this screen.