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Library 101: Welcome


Library 101 at

Use these guides to get the most out of your library experience, improve your research skills, use library resources to their full research potential and more.

   Using Library Resources   |   Writing, Citing and more   |   Databases and More


Using Library Resources:

  • OneSearch
    OneSearch allows you to search RRC Library's print collection (books and journals), DVDs, Databases (articles and more) and media collection (DVDs, Streaming media, etc.) all at the same time. This guide will give you an introduction to everything you need to know about accessing this collection through this powerful tool.
  • Find materials in the library
    Want to know a bit more about the types of materials we have in the library and how to find them? You've come to the right place!
  • ‚ÄčAccess RRC online resources
    Trying to access any of Red River College’s online resources through the library web page will usually require you to login to the network. This is something students and staff of the college can do with their college username and password.
  • Publication Finder / eJournals
    Red River College subscribes to a large number of journals, including eJournals. Ejournals are journals and magazines that are displayed and viewed online. Staff and students can access these materials through their college account. These ejournals are in addition to the physical or print titles we carry in our libraries.
  • Streaming video
    This guide will show you everything you need to know about accessing our video databases, streaming resources and more. (published by AVServices)
  • Library Account
    From your account, you can see all the items you have borrowed, when they are due and even renew them online. you can also save items and save searches in your account.
  • Request materials from the other campus
    Are you a student at NDC and the book you want is located at EDC? or vice versa? Learn how you can have a book brought to your campus for pickup.
  • Inter-Library Loan (items from other libraries)
    Red River College Libraries has an agreement with other Libraries within the country to share our resources. This means RRC students and staff have access to books and articles in all those collections. Fill out the online form for requesting materials, available here.
  • eBook Collections
    RRC Libraries has an extensive collection of ebooks allowing students from all campuses (including regional ones) to access our collection via the internet. This guide will give you an introduction to everything you need to know about accessing this collection.

Writing, Citing and more:

  • How to Study for Academic Success
    This guide is to assist you in making the best of your study time and preparing for your coursework. 
  • How to Write College Papers
    This guide is meant to help you along the path of academic writing. Learn the ins and outs of essay structure and the dos and don'ts of writing college papers. 
  • Evaluate websites and online resources
    There is an endless supply of information to be found online, but determining what information is accurate and credible is sometimes difficult. Knowing how to effectively evaluate information found on the web is imperative for credibility; this will ensure your assignments use accurate, current, and relevant information.  This guide is to assist you in ensuring you are web sources are giving you accurate information. 


Red River College subscribes to many different databases, each with its own specific focus and tools. A-Z Databases allows you to search this collection to find the database that's right for you. See all our databases at A-Z Database List

Here is some help in using our featured databases:


Get the apps to help you succeed! All Library Recommended Apps

Here is some help in using our featured apps:

  • Visible Body (App guidelines)
    This guide will assist you using "Visible Body - Anatomy & Physiology", a visually stunning, step-by-step introduction to each human body system from Wolters Kluwer.

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