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Learn how you can access even more materials though our Inter-Library Loans service.

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How to use Inter-Library Loan

Red River College Libraries has an agreement with other Libraries within the country to share our resources. This means RRC students and staff have access to books and articles in all those collections. Fill out the online form for requesting materials, available here. If you need help with these forms, all you need to do is ask in person at the Information desk OR online anytime.

Follow these easy online steps to get the materials you need to get the job done. 

Don’t forget to check out the related guides for similar topics and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Thanks, and enjoy!

Library 101

Use these guides to get the most out of your library experience, improve your research skills, use library resources to their full research potential and more.

Find the item

1. Find item information -  Locate information about the book or article you want to borrow.

We will need the following information about the book you want to borrow. 

  • Title
  • Author
  • publisher
  • ISBN or ISSN

also helpful is

  • Publisher
  • Publishing date
  • Edition
  • Source such as journal name, issue and volume number (if requesting an article)

This information is typically available on bookseller's webpages such as or Chapters. You can also search other Library Cataglogues for this information. More information about other Libraries.

Make the request

2. Go to Library home page - 

3. Select Inter-Library Loan from the side navigation 













4. The Inter-Library Loan page provides a link to the form for requesting books as well as articles.
    Select Book Request Form for books
    Select Article Request Form for articles

the Search for books or articles links may assist you in finding information about the item you want to request.

5. Fill out the form with as much information as you can provide. Click Save.

Picking up your item

How long will it take? 

The amount of time it takes to receive the item depends on where it is coming from. The request form provides a spot for you to say when you need it by – we will do our best to bring in materials within the time frame that they are needed.

Articles typically take 24 hours. Books may take longer as they need to be shipped here.

Will you let me know it's available? 

Once your item has arrived at its desired location, the Library staff will contact you for pickup.

Be sure to bring your student card or ID number with you when you go to pick up the book. 

How long can I borrow the item? 

The borrowing period is determined by the loaning library. They will also determine if renewals can be accommodated. 

How do I return the item? 

You can return it to either RRC Library location.