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ASC: Student Success Skills

6 Types of Test Taking Errors

1. Misreading Directions: Ensure you read all directions carefully before starting the test.

2. Careless Errors: Make sure you review your answers before handing the test in.

3. Concept Errors: Study thoroughly to understand rules, properties, and ideas.

4. Application Errors:Try to predict potential questions that may be asked and how to answer them.

5. Test-taking Tips:

  • Find out how and where most test questions are answered incorrectly.
  • Review the last step in math problems.
  • Set time limits for answering questions based on how many marks they are worth.
  • Double-check your work.
  • Compare work on scratch paper to the answer written on the test paper.
  • Don’t leave questions blank – guess for multiple choice, or write something.
  • Understand about answer-changing – only change your answer if you are 100 percent sure you need to.

6. Study Errors: Keep track of where your study habits have failed and trying better approaches for the next test