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ASC: Student Success Skills


Our aim for this series is to introduce the tutors/coaches at the Academic Success Centre to you. We hope to achieve this by diving into their designated roles, unearthing insights about their subject of expertise that you may not have known before. We hope you will take away a wealth of knowledge on a variety of services and opportunities the Academic Success Centre provides; to help you succeed in your chosen program.

The  Academic Success Centre staff featured in these Q&A’s are highly passionate about their work, as well as their commitment to bettering students’ experiences here at Red River College. Individually, they offer go-to advice on the following domains:

  • Solutions for dealing with anxieties surrounding common areas of learning (e.g. content memorization,  time management) that students most struggle with
  • How subject-driven workshops (e.g. study skill strategies, navigating intercultural gaps, and applied accounting) are structured to benefit students
  • How the tutors/coaches’ differing learning styles can help you learn more effectively and efficiently

Chelsey Finney & Cody Rogers