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COVID-19 ASC: Online Academic Supports

What do Academic Coaches do?

Academic Coaches work with students to set and accomplish academic goals by employing research-backed study and motivational strategies. Academic Coaches are committed to helping students create their own pathway to goal completion and will share information on valuable resources and supports at Red River College.

Your Academic Coach can help you:
  • Set actionable and measurable academic goals.
  • Fine-tune current study strategies and learn new ones.
  • Improve your ability to retain information and think critically.
  • Explore anti-procrastination tools.
  • Develop organizational techniques.
  • Read and retain your course materials more effectively.
  • Do better on tests and quizzes and provide strategies for dealing with test anxiety.
  • Balance student life with home life.
  • Make self-care a priority.
  • Understand how course work helps achieve your career goals

Current Supports

Academic Coaching is now delivered online. If you are already connected with an Academic Coach and would like to book an Academic Coaching session, please email your coach to schedule a meeting.

If you would like to request an Academic Coach for the first time, please complete the Tutoring and Coaching Request Form. An Academic Coach or ASC staff will contact you within 5-business days.

If you have questions about Academic Coaching, please send an email to Dayna Graham at

Meet our Academic Coaches

Dayna Graham – Adult Learning Facilitator

Picture of Dayna Graham

Dayna Graham is an Adult Learning Facilitator primarily at the Exchange District campus. Dayna’s education degree. EAL certificate, and 15 years in the field of education, combined with a lifetime commitment to sport, has driven her to seek out practices which elevate students’ learning and academic performance. Dayna has a hand in administering several student supports at the ASC, including academic coaching, tutoring, student success workshops, group review workshops, support for incoming students, and partnerships with various programs across RRC.


Lena Bender

Picture of Lena BenderLena Bender joined the Academic Success Centre as a Nursing/Science tutor and Academic Coach in 2018 and is thrilled to be here!

With a BA and a background in Kinesiology, Lena has over 13 years of experience in Medical Education and private tutoring, in both French and English. She supports students in Nursing and Applied Health/ Sciences programs. Her special interest is Human Anatomy and Physiology.

Lena loves teaching, and enjoys watching her students succeed. She recognizes that each student has their own unique learning style, and works to create an environment tailored to each student’s strengths and interests.

Chelsey Finney

Picture of Chelsey Finney

Hi! My name is Chelsey Finney. I am in my fourth year of Booth University College (BUC)’s Applied Psychology program. Last September, I claimed a minor in English Literature. Upon graduating with my bachelors, I hope to continue on to complete a Master’s degree in either Marriage and Family Therapy or Behavioural Analysis.

I have background knowledge in the following areas: Assignment outlining; Formatting and citations; Strategies for locating research; Strategies for mastering time management/scheduling; Strategies for note-taking and proficient reading, and Strategies in how to study for assessments effectively.

As one of Red River’s Academic Coaches, I hope to pass forward the tools and skill-kits I’ve learned as a student myself, coupled with research to enhance your own learning experience(s). I am a big believer in the potential of SMART and GROW goals. They can help you overcome almost every academic obstacle! If you would like to sit down and discuss how these goals can help you as a student personally, let’s!

Rebecca Hiebert

Picture of Rebecca HiebertHello! My name is Rebecca Hiebert and I am an EAL tutor in the Academic Success Centre.

After receiving my BSc. in Chemistry from the University of Toronto, I moved to California and completed my Masters of Education. Following this, I taught in Orange County, California to mixed classes of native English speakers and English language learners. Since moving back to Canada, I have taught English for Employment as well as newcomer cooking and baking classes. In 2019 I completed my EAL certificate from the University of Winnipeg.

I am passionate about developing student specific activities and programs so students can gain independence with their learning. I am a lifelong learner and am currently learning to play the fiddle and guitar.

Cody Rogers

Picture of Cody RogersHi, my name is Cody, and I’m a new academic coach at the academic success center. My background is in applied psychology and am currently working towards a Master’s in Sports psychology.

I have a passion for health and well-being and like to keep that in mind when coaching. It’s my goal to get you engaged in learning, and from studying psychology, I have learned that students who take charge of their own learning will show a lot of growth and improvement from where they started. I’m always happy to discover shared interests with students, some of mine include sports, movies, music and games to name a few. I like to help students find a way to apply something their interested in, towards their school work. Any way to bring something familiar to the college setting is a doorway to taking charge of their learning.

Kyle Schewe 

Working primarily at the Exchange District Campus, Kyle has made the campus his home and can be found in the PSC Library (P214) tutoring students, leading workshops, or working on projects that seek to improve the delivery of services by the ASC to improve the success of the students at RRC.

Kyle has experience teaching business related courses for over 10 years and has expanded his knowledge in such programs as Business Administration, Applied Accounting, and Commerce Industry Sales & Marketing. His ability to not only teach, but allow the learner the space to learn at their own pace and provide foundational skills applicable to all their courses, is what each student takes away from a meeting with Kyle. He models successful learning to students, and expects them to also put in the energy with their time together, as each student has control over their own progress and should feel pride in their achievements as they move from a new student to graduation. If there was only one piece of advice Kyle would give a student, it would be about reading questions from textbooks or on exams; “Read it again. Read it again! READ IT AGAIN!” He really believes that students do not allow themselves enough forgiveness in their own abilities, and cannot stress how important it is to read a question more than once. Kyle will be the first one to say he reads a question three times before he really understands it!

Naomi Warkentin

Picture of Naomi WarkentinHello! I am thrilled to join the staff at the Academic Success Centre as an academic coach and staff tutor. I began my teaching career as a high school math teacher, followed by years of learning about people through running a home day care. Through all these years, I was privileged to tutor a number of students, mainly in math. In all of my experiences with schools and academics, I have come to realize that my favourite and most fulfilling moments have come in my tutoring roles. I love to be able to provide an alternate way of looking at concepts and to be able to truly listen to a student’s struggles and questions. I look forward to helping students make studying, math, and school work manageable and rewarding. This job could only get better done on a picnic table by a campfire!