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ASC: Help Desks, Study Groups and Review Workshops


About our Academic Supports

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Review Workshops

Review Workshops provide students weekly opportunities to review and practice new course material under the guidance of a professional ASC tutor. Our workshop facilitators will help to enhance understanding of key concepts, answer questions, and provide opportunities to practice core skills.

Review workshops run weekly starting the second week of each term and are open to all students enrolled in the course. Locate your program area on the left to see the schedule for workshops on offer in your program.

Help Desks

Individualized, drop-in tutoring is available at various times throughout the week for a variety of topics.  If you have a quick question related to a course, or if you need urgent help, dropping by one of our Help Desk tutoring sessions is highly recommended!  Help Desk tutoring is offered on a first come, first served basis, so be sure to arrive early to ensure you will have a chance to meet the tutor. Locate your program area on the left to see the Help Desk tutoring on offer in your program. No appointment necessary!

Study Groups

Study groups for various courses can be set up in response to student demand. Students seeking help in a course can request to form a study group facilitated by one of our professional tutors. Study groups differ from workshops in that the content is driven by the particular needs of the students in the group, and sessions are scheduled at a time chosen by the students. Study groups can meet weekly for a period of a few weeks, or for the entire term, depending on the needs of the students in the group. New study groups are formed regularly, so, please drop by the ASC office at your campus location to find out about the study groups running now.